January 1st, 2012

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Real Life in 2012 - Antuan Graftio

Antuan Graftio presents his new album in 2012.
Real Life in 2012
IDM, Industrial, Dub step, Dark Ambient
Track list:
The awakening of consciousness
Distorted voices
The collapse of faith
Angry dwarfs
Indecent people
The bitterness of delusion
Another Life in Hollywood
AOU - Antuan Graftio
Duplicate steps down pace
Karate styles - Antuan Graftio
Hammer of heavy relaxation
Lords of acid - Antuan Graftio
God fuck you in the ass
TMM - Antuan Graftio
Spasmodic attempts
Fragments of consciousness
Weak-willed blank
TV for zombies

All the songs you can download for free, however if someone of you has a desire to thank the author for his work, you can do it any way you want: Z131972484408, R251868236148, Pay Pal graftio@hotmail.com

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001-The-awakening-of-consciousness.mp34.1 MB
001-The-awakening-of-consciousness.wav22.5 MB
002-Distorted-voices.mp34.9 MB
002-Distorted-voices.wav26.9 MB
003-The-collapse-of-faith.mp317.7 MB
003-The-collapse-of-faith.wav97.6 MB
004-Angry-dwarfs.mp312.2 MB
004-Angry-dwarfs.wav67.1 MB
005-Indecent-people.mp37.2 MB
005-Indecent-people.wav39.9 MB
006-The-bitterness-of-delusion.mp39.7 MB
006-The-bitterness-of-delusion.wav53.3 MB
007-Rage.mp35.0 MB
007-Rage.wav27.7 MB
008-Another-Life-in-Hollywood.mp37.2 MB
008-Another-Life-in-Hollywood.wav39.7 MB
009-AOU_Antuan_Graftio.mp38.7 MB
009-AOU_Antuan_Graftio.wav47.8 MB
010-Duplicate-steps-down-pace.mp36.3 MB
010-Duplicate-steps-down-pace.wav34.6 MB
011-Karatestylez-Antuan_Graftio.mp38.2 MB
011-Karatestylez-Antuan_Graftio.wav45.2 MB
012-Hammer-of-heavy-relaxation.mp36.1 MB
012-Hammer-of-heavy-relaxation.wav33.5 MB
013-Lordsofacid-Antuan-Graftio.mp38.4 MB
013-Lordsofacid-Antuan-Graftio.wav46.1 MB
014-God-fuck-you-in-the-ass.mp35.2 MB
014-God-fuck-you-in-the-ass.wav28.8 MB
015-TMM-by-Antuan_Graftio.mp37.2 MB
015-TMM-by-Antuan_Graftio.wav39.6 MB
016-Spasmodic-attempts.mp34.5 MB 1.7 MB
016-Spasmodic-attempts.wav24.7 MB
017-Ping.mp31.9 MB
017-Ping.wav10.7 MB
018-Loser.mp38.1 MB
018-Loser.wav44.7 MB
019-Fragments-of-consciousness.mp36.3 MB
019-Fragments-of-consciousness.wav34.5 MB
020-Weak-willed-blank.mp32.7 MB
020-Weak-willed-blank.wav14.9 MB
021-TV-for-zombies.mp36.6 MB
021-TV-for-zombies.wav36.1 MB
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